My name is Juan Olvera. I was born in Mexico, and currently live in The Woodlands, TX.

I’m a self-taught front-end developer & web standards enthusiastic.

I build web products and services with focus on user experience, accessibility, and performance.

My primary focus is JavaScript development. I build user interfaces using React, Vue, and similar libraries. Currently I work more with React and its ecosystem (Redux, React Router, etc.) along with the corresponding tooling (Babel, Gulp, Webpack, Rollup, etc.)

I’m a Linux user and spend most of my development time on the terminal, with tools like Tmux and Vim (recently I switched to VS Code, but still use Vim for a lot of things).

On my free time I do side projects with Python. I’m comfortable with its ecosystem: Virtualenv, PyPi, Pythonic style, etc. I’ve built web crawlers, back-end services (APIs), bots (Twitter, Telegram, Messenger), and some penetration testing tools. These projects got me experience with MongoDB, Postgres, SQLite, Celery, Redis, Ngnix and more.

Other stuff I’ve built are cli programs with both Python (Click) and Node.js (Commander.js).

Technical Skills

Web technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS (including pre-processors Sass and Less)
  • JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript, Elm)
  • WordPress theme development

Other programming languages

  • Python
  • PHP
  • ReasonML
  • Elm

Tools & workflow

  • IDE: IntelliJ IDEA
  • Browser: Firefox Developer Edition
  • Task runner: Webpack
  • Version control system: Git
  • Terminal: Gnome Terminal (GNU/Linux)
  • OS: Experienced in macOS (current), GNU/Linux (preferred) & Windows


  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Fluent

Professional Interests

  • Web design & front-end development
  • UI/UX design
  • Technical writing
  • JavaScript programming
  • Shell programming
  • Python programming
  • Web apps Security & penetration testing
  • Cryptography

Me everywhere else