Publishing good second drafts

I’ve been trying to improve the amount of writing I publish. I write a lot, but mostly rough ideas in a notebook. I followed every tip online to write more, and they worked, but now I don’t have content I’d like to publish in my blog, yet. [...]

Accessible "Read More" links

A pattern you probably have seen in various blogs is the “Read more” link. The design usually has the title first, then a small excerpt of the content and a “Read more” text link to the full post.

Rebuilding my blog with Next.js

In Progress

I use my website for hacking with new technologies more than writing content. This time I’m rebuilding it using Next.js and if you’re reading this, I already deployed the first version.

How I organize my Sass projects

his is a basic writing on how I organize my Sass projects, mostly for self documentation. I have two structures; mid and small-size projects. I work mostly for small business, so there is no need to over engineer my Sass code.