Juan Olvera


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Deploy a Python serverless function on ZEIT Now

In Progress

Let's write an API endpoint using a Python serverless function that will give us DNS records in JSON format from a given domain.

Publishing good second drafts


I’ve been trying to improve the amount of writing I publish. I write a lot, but mostly rough ideas in a notebook. I followed every tip online to write more, and they worked, but now I don’t have content I’d like to publish in my blog, yet. So, the problem wasn’t quantity but quality. Or so I thought.

Accessible "Read More" links

A pattern you probably have seen in various blogs is the “Read more” link. The design usually has the title first, then a small excerpt of the content and a “Read more” text link to the full post.

Rebuilding my blog with Next.js

In Progress

I use my website for hacking with new technologies more than writing content. This time I’m rebuilding it using Next.js and if you’re reading this, I already deployed the first version.

User Authentication with Next.js


User authentication with Next.js has been one of the most requested examples by the community. The GitHub issue had more than 300 likes and hundreds of comments with recommendations and proposals.

How I organize my Sass projects

his is a basic writing on how I organize my Sass projects, mostly for self documentation. I have two structures; mid and small-size projects. I work mostly for small business, so there is no need to over engineer my Sass code.